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LED Display Module

Bolymin - LED Display Module 

LED Display Module   

A LED display Module is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display.
Source: Wikipedia

LED displays are brighter and visible from a greater distance, which makes them optimum for sunlight readable application. Also, it offers a wider viewing angle up-to 178 Degree (Horizontal & Vertical).

One major challenge to drive the LED display is higher numbers of MCU (Microcontroller) I/O pins requirement, which makes it difficult to use it with MCU that have lower number of pins such as PIC12F.   

Seven Segment LED Driving Method

Bolymin LED Display Module   

Bolymin LED Display Module consists of LED Display, PCB, IC and it is connected through the SPI interface. 

For example, for example with old method 48 I/O could reduce to 4 I/O based on Bolymin design and provides full control of all digits and decimal points.

LED Display Module Driving Method With Serial Interface

What are the advantages of LED display (Module)?

  • Increase MCU working effectiveness
  • SPI interface
  • DIP mounting hole
  • Integrate LED Displays in one board
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Large Viewing Angle, up-to 178 Degree (Horizontal & Vertical) 
  • 256 ICONs per IC, series  LED display module available
  • Bolymin in-built IC guarantee high refresh rate for LED 

What are the major applications for LED display (Module)?

The major application is front panel display boards of microwave ovens, washers and dryers, digital clocks, frequency counters, and many other gadgets.

  • Microwave
  • Washer / Dryer
  • Frequency counter
  • Gas dispenser
  • Coffee Machine
  • DashBoard (e-bike, Motorcycle)

What are the major applications for LED display (Module)?

  • LED Display
  • LED Dot Matrix
  • LED 7-Segment Display
  • LED Digital Display
  • LED SMD Display

How Taiwan Kept Businesses Open Amid Covid-19

Taiwan started preparing for covid-19 as early as Dec 2019 when first incident of unidentified virus was reported in China. It ramp-up face mask production to 10 million units daily.
As a result, everyone at our office wears face-mask and is encouraged to wash or sanitize hands regularly. Hand sanitizer is available at the entry points and in elevators.

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Bolymin Announcement – Coronavirus Update re Notice

Amidst all the news about Coronavirus outbreak in China, we would like to reassure our customers that it doesn’t have any impact on our work schedule. Bolymin production facilities are located in Taiwan and working normally. As you can understand some of the components used in our products comes from China and it might impact delivery schedule for few part numbers. We will work closely with you and our supply chain to minimize the impact. We hope that situation with Coronavirus will be dealt soon and things would return to normal in China and elsewhere. Best regards,
Team Bolymin

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2020 Chinese New Year Office Closure Notice

Please be informed that Bolymin will be closed from 23-Jan-2020 to 02-Feb-2020 for Chinese New Year Holiday. Last shipment day before Chinese New Year is 21-Jan-2020 and and first shipment day after Chinese New Year is 4-Feb-2020. Thank you for your kind attention and wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

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Upgrade Monochrome LCD to Color TFT LCD

Bolymin BTC series with a built-in control board is designed to overcome these challenges. It allows a smooth upgrade of 240128 monochrome LCD to 4.3” or 5” TFT LCD or 320240 monochrome LCD to 5.6” Color TFT LCD.

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New Product Release: BC2004H

BC2004H is 20×04 Character COB (Chip on board) LCD Display Module with metal frame. It is a High-Contrast FSTN (Film Compensated STN) and comes with built-in controller SSD1803. It has 4-bit and 8-bit and serial SPI-interface options.

BC2004H offers built-in icons (arrows, timer, message etc.).

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