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Importance of CCTV Cameras on

According to American School Bus Council, students are about 70 times more likely to get to school safely if they take the school bus instead of traveling by car.[1]

 We all can agree to that report, school buses are one of the safest mode of transport on the road as these are:

          Distinctively marked

          Designed with high crash standards

          Driven by well-trained drivers

Still Safety of students traveling on school bus is a major concern for both parents and school management, and rightly so, quite often we come across the news of school buses being involved in road accidents and victims are mostly young students.

So, what are we missing here?

According to Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), although we have made school-buses safe for the passengers traveling in it, it is non-bus occupants (typically school-aged children) most likely to incur a serious or fatal injury when crossing the road while boarding or exiting a school bus.[2]

In a recent accident, a seven-year-old school boy was run over by his own school bus while trying to cross the road in Bangalore, India.[3]


The reason is simple, school buses have a big blind spot and drivers are not 100% aware of the situation around the bus, which is better known as danger zone.



Danger Zones 

According to DMV, California, danger zone is the area on all sides of the bus where children are in the most danger of being hit, either by another vehicle or their own bus.[4]

 Young kids are unpredictable; despite warnings and training they will enter the danger zone or run across the road giving little for the driver to react. Giving right tools to driver becomes most essential in such situations. 

One of the tools to make safer for such situation is installation of CCTV cameras on the bus. 

Bolymin FMS comes with 8 on-bus CCTV cameras, out of which 6 are pointed outwards providing driver with a 360 degree view right on his dashboard. 

Forward Facing Camera  

Camera used in Bolymin FMS detect any moving object (especially small kids those are not easily visible from driver’s seat) within 180 degree range in front of the bus, and an alarm is triggered to warn the driver.

In additional, just like a regular dashboard camera, it continuously records the front traffic while the bus is being driven and this video footage can is used as evidence in case of a traffic accident. In many countries, this is a must requirement both from traffic authorities and insurance companies. 

Side Facing Cameras (2 on each side)   

video footage from side cameras is displayed on the monitor in-front of the driver when they turn on left or right indicator, this helps monitor blind spots while changing or merging lanes and taking turns. These not only warn driver of other vehicles while driving, but also give better visibility of school children crossing the road while boarding or exiting school bus. 

Backward Facing Camera   

Camera installed on the back assist the drivers by displaying the footage on dashboard monitor; this makes sure that there are no objects behind the bus. Again, it also continuously record the road traffic, saving the video footage locally and also sending it to Bolymin FMS cloud over 4G network. This footage can be access by police or insurance companies in case of a traffic accident.

Driver Facing Camera

The camera installed inside the bus facing the driver has in-built driving behavior recognition software. This not only records the driver activities but can recognize any suspicious behavior that can be termed as dangerous driving such as; fatigue or tiredness, talking on mobile phone, smoking etc. In case of a suspicious behavior, a message is sent on real time to school administration for them to take correct action. This camera footage can also be used to defend the driver in courts when accidents occur and driver is not a fault.

Bus Door facing camera

Footage from the camera facing the door of the bus can be used to determine who and when get on or off from the bus.

Student facing camera (Optional)

We all are aware that bullying is still a regular phenomenon in the school. While at campus, students are divided in different grades according to their age-group and are always under the watchful eyes of the staff and bullying can be controlled. Situation on the school bus can be different, students from different grade come together and there isn’t always adequate staff to monitor them. Additional camera can be installed in the bus to monitor student’s activities, and we all agree that when people behave better when they are being watched.

Real Time Video Streaming

In case of an incident on school bus, fleet managers don’t need to wait for bus to reach back school in order to access the video footage. With on-board Bolymin MDT, footage is sent in real time over 4G networks to the cloud allowing school management to access it from anywhere, be it your control center or right from your mobile phone.

Bolymin video streaming minimizes data usage, this become important as bus travel through various locations and a strong mobile network is not always accessible. 

Data security and unauthorized access to video streaming is a security and privacy concern. Bolymin FMS has been designed keeping this in mind and role-based access make sure only authorized person can access this sensitive information.  

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