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Improving SOS Response In Case Of

One of the biggest bus operators in Taiwan had to face the daunting task of managing stranded passengers every time a bus breaks-down or even get into minor accident. Passengers stuck on a broken bus in a highway not only damage the bus operator reputation, but this is a big security hazard.

Every time such incident happened, fleet manager had to make multiple calls to back-up bus, recovery vehicle and other buses on the same route to figure out the best way to deal with the situation. 

Bolymin FMS – SOS Feature 

Since adopting Bolymin FMS, dealing with such situation has become much easier. 

In case of a bus break-down, driver press the SOS button on the Bolymin MDT App and all necessary information will be sent to control center and related members automatically. The driver can have more time to check the vehicle and take care of the passengers.


With Bolymin FMS, fleet manager get below important information:   

  • Exact location of the stranded bus
  • Number of passengers on the bus
  • Other buses traveling on the same route
  • Number of available seats on these buses

With complete information available, Fleet Manager can:    

  • Provide location of broken bus to other buses traveling on same direction 
  • Assign available seats from these buses 
  • Send bus number, seat number and ETA to both stranded passengers and driver.
  • Assign task to recovery vehicle 

With Bolymin FMS, customer managed to reduce the response time in case a of an SOS event.

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