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What is COF IC and how it is differs

In Jul 2019, Bolymin announce EOL for TAB/ TCP Modules due to EOL of IC from original supplier. At the same time, we offered TAB Modules to be replaced with COF (chip-on-film) Modules.

COF and TAB Modules use same controller IC body, yet different package. We are already working with customers to provide samples. 

Lot of customers asked us what COF IC is and how it will be different from TAB/ TCP IC. This article talk about the same.

TAB also known as TCP Vs COF -Packaging  

TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) also known as TCP (tape carrier package) and COF (chip-on-film) are both IC packaging technology and produced by reel to reel method. It utilizes FPC (flexible printed circuit film) for packaging IC chips.

The dimension of COF is similar to that of TAB/ TCP. However:   

  • TCP is a three-layer structure, and COF is a two-layer structure
  • The thickness of COF is thinner compared to TAB/TCP but still it provides higher density and better flexibility and can be easily bent.
  • IF TAB/ TCP require bending, we need to add more slits which not only increase the length but also have higher cost.


 1. What is the replacement for TAB IC?
Ans: TAB IC can be replaced with COF Modules. Bolymin have a ready solution for the same. 

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